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 What are the reasons for publishing in EmtoSci Publisher?
 How to ensure the continuous open access to published articles?
 Are EmtoSci Publisher journals peer reviewed? What is theirs copyright policy?
 What is the composition of the Editorial Team of EmtoSci Publisher?
 Are articles in EmtoSci Publisher archived by PubMed or other database?
 What styles of journals EmtoSci Publisher publishes? What are the contents of these journals?
 What kinds of fees are needed to publish articles on EmtoSci Publisher?
 Are articles published in EmtoSci Publisher journals available in printed form?
 How can users find the most relevant articles and the most important articles in journals published by EmtoSci Publisher?
 Are all articles published by EmtoSci Publisher journals open access?
 How to cite articles published by EmtoSci Publisher journals?

What are the reasons for publishing in EmtoSci Publisher?

EmtoSci Publisher journals have the following advantages over traditional journals.

1. Open Access

All original research articles in EmtoSci Publisher journals are open access. Users can have free access to all research articles instantly without registration. EmtoSci Publisher commits to maintain open access policy, and has established a council to ensure the execution and maintenance of this policy.

2. Fast publication

Compared with conventional journals, all EmtoSci Publisher journals are purely online journals, which make the best use of new media and reach a wide and international readership. To ensuring fast dissemination of scientific results, every original research article is published immediately after acceptance.

3. High standard of anti-plagiarism

EmtoSci Publisher uses CrossCheck service to identify academic plagiarism through the world's leading plagiarism prevention tool—iThenticate, meanwhile to protect the original authors' copyrights.

4. Quick and high efficient peer review

Based on online submission & review system, all research articles in EmtoSci Publisher journals are to be comprehensively and strictly peer reviewed.

5. High visibility

EmtoSci Publisher open access policy makes your works exposed to high visibility and maximum exposure in the world. Anyone can read and download your article with online access. Registered users can sign up for regular email alerts. Top-quality articles in EmtoSci Publisher journals are automatically assessed based on citation; High quality articles published in EmtoSci Publisher will be translated into different languages and redistributed.

6. Deposit permanently and google based track

Every article published in EmtoSci Publisher is to be assigned a DOI deposited to CrossRef, facilitating permanent linkage and persisting citations in scholarly materials. All articles published in EmtoSci Publisher are deposited on the web and included in famous repositories and major databases so that your work can be easily googled, indexed and cited by researchers around the world.

7. Indexable

The citation mode of articles published by EmtoSci Publisher resembles the traditional one. Besides, EmtoSci Publisher cooperates closely with Institute of Scientific Information to ensure the correct tracking of article citation.

8. Reservation of copyright to authors

The original copyright of research articles belongs to authors.

9. Author paying

EmtoSci Publisher journal do not charges page fees, or submission fees. But as regards to open access articles published by EmtoSci Publisher journal, EmtoSci Publisher collects article processing charges from authors. Most EmtoSci Publisher journals adopt the policy of remitting article processing charges for authors from low-income countries. For other requisitions to remit the charge, EmtoSci Publisher will considers according to the specific circumstance.


How to ensure the continuous open access to published articles?

EmtoSci Publisher deposits all of the open access articles in a number of independent, permanent open access archives. EmtoSci Publisher commits to permanently maintain the unconditional open access policy for research articles, and has established a council to ensure the execution and maintenance of this policy.


Are EmtoSci Publisher journals peer reviewed? What is theirs copyright policy?

Are EmtoSci Publisher journals be peer reviewed?

Yes. All articles and most comments of EmtoSci Publisher journal are to be comprehensively and strictly peer reviewed.

What is the copyright policy of EmtoSci Publisher?

The original copyright of research articles belongs to the authors.


What is the composition of the Editorial Team of EmtoSci Publisher?

All journals published by EmtoSci Publisher have their respective professional  full-time Editorial Team. For detailed information, please visit individual journal pages. The series journals of EmtoSci Publisher are overall managed by professional full-time Senior Editors, but the Editorial Team makes the final decision.


 Are articles in EmtoSci Publisher archived by PubMed or other database?

All articles published by EmtoSci Publisher journals will immediately be archived by PubMed upon publishing. PubMed is the most widely used literature database in biomedical field.

EmtoSci Publisher participates in CrossRef and the Open Citation Project, allowing direct linking from citations to an article elsewhere to the full text of that article in a EmtoSci Publisher journal.

Please note: all research articles of EmtoSci Publisher can be freely accessed without registration or subscription. Searching engines such as Google also provide indexes to these articles. All these enhance the popularity of the articles. All research articles of EmtoSci Publisher are indexed by scientific search engine Scirus.


■ What styles of journals EmtoSci Publisher publishes? What are the contents of these journals?

EmtoSci Publisher dedicates itself to publishing journals of biological sciences, some of which only publish research articles, and some also publish assessment and comment besides research articles. All the journals can be accessed online, but only part of them publish printed version at the same time.

EmtoSci Publisher series open access journals publish peer reviewed articles. For example, Molecular Plant Breeding only publishes articles of significant value in their specialized fields.

On the other hand, some EmtoSci Publisher journals publish any scientifically sound article, including those rejected by traditional publishers on the grounds of space or relevance to their readers. For example: negative studies, studies that confirm previous work, methods papers.

EmtoSci Publisher online, open access journals are operated by editorial team and have their own editorial policies.

EmtoSci Publisher journals not only publish open access journals, but also publish regular print version journals that are available by subscription, such as Molecular Plant Breeding (regular print version), and publishing policies of these journals are decided by their editorial teams.


 What kinds of fees are needed to publish articles on EmtoSci Publisher?

For most of the open access articles published in EmtoSci Publisher journals there is only an article processing charge (APC). Please see Charge FAQ for further information.

Authors must submit manuscripts that meet the detailed requirements of journals, so as to facilitate their follow-up processing. If the submitted manuscripts don't meet the requirements, EmtoSci Publisher reserves the right to charge for the work of file conversion.

The manuscripts must be written with sufficiently sound English. If the authors can not make it, EmtoSci Publisher will provide editing service with additional charges or recommend commercial editing service to them.


 Are articles published in EmtoSci Publisher journals available in printed form?

Most EmtoSci Publisher journals are available only in online form. Some articles will occasionally be reproduced, in special print editions and supplements. Only a few of the journals are published in printed form.


 How can users find the most relevant articles and the most important articles in journals published by EmtoSci Publisher?

The users can search articles in EmtoSci Publisher website, and the registered users can enjoy the email alert service (with free registration). Most journals highlight the most important articles on their home page, and list the articles that have been visited most within the past 30 days.


■ Are all articles published by EmtoSci Publisher journals open access?

All research articles published by EmtoSci Publisher journals are fully open access which implicitly means access to the full text of an article published on the EmtoSci Publisher website is available without any limitation. Unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of the article in any medium are permitted, provided the original work is properly cited.


■ How to cite articles published by EmtoSci Publisher journals?

In order to ensure the correct citing and tracking of articles published, the citation mode of articles on EmtoSci Publisher journal resembles the traditional one. But citation based on page numbers is not feasible, for many journals are published only online and without printed version. So, all EmtoSci Publisher articles published online adopt the following citation mode.

Author's name, year published, article title, journal name, volume number, article ID (doi).

For example: Jing et al., 2010, QTL Analysis of Yield-associated Traits using an Advanced Backcross Population Derived from Common Wild Rice (Oryza rufipogon L), Molecular Plant Breeding, Vol. 1, No. 1 (doi: 10.5376/mpb.2010.01.0001)