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Morphological Characteristics and Evolutionary Ecology of Bizarre Insects  

Tianxia Guo
Cuixi Academy of Biotechnology, Zhuji, 311800, P.R. China
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Molecular Entomology, 2023, Vol. 14, No. 2   doi: 10.5376/me.2023.14.0002
Received: 06 Jul., 2023    Accepted: 20 Jul., 2023    Published: 08 Aug., 2023
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Guo T.X., 2023, Morphological characteristics and evolutionary ecology of holometabolous insects, Molecular Entomology, 14(2): 1-6 (doi: 10.5376/me.2023.14.0002)


Holometabolous insects are a group of insects with peculiar appearances and lifecycles, and their unique morphology and structure have significant impacts on their ecology and adaptability. The bizarre appearance of holometabolous insects has broad prospects in fields such as biology, medicine, and industry. In the future, the study of the bizarre appearance of holometabolous insects still faces many challenges and opportunities. We need to respect and protect nature, avoid causing damage and impact on biodiversity and the ecological environment, and at the same time explore and discover more application prospects and values.

Holometabolous insects; Bizarre appearance; Ecology; Adaptability; Application prospects
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Molecular Entomology
• Volume 14
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